Battlefield: Bad Company adapted into TV comedy

Battlefield: Bad Company is the latest game to make the leap to the small screen, with Fox announcing an hour long action comedy based on EA‘s best-selling video game.

The project, which features the four renegade soldiers from the game, is a collaboration between Happy Madison, Sony TV and Alias‘s John Eisendrath on writing duties. Patrick Bach and Patrick O’Brien from EA are joining in as executive producers, alongside Happy Madison’s Doug Robinson.

[img_big]center,661,2010-11-17/BFBCmultiSCRNwwPRINT2.jpg,Battlefield: Bad Company[/img_big]

Revealed by Deadline, Bad Company is a natural fit for the action/comedy genre. Like the game, the series will concentrate on four soldiers who have exited military life and re-entered the private sector. Of course, things aren’t as smooth as all that – their former commanding officer wants them dead, after using them to in a complicated scheme involving a government shadow unit.

Battlefield: Bad Company was first launched back in 2008, bringing a new tone and experience to the super-popular Battlefield series. Two years later, a sequel arrived, and it looks like two years after that we’ll get our hands on a follow-up of a very different kind.

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