Hackers expose unreleased Xbox Live titles, art

You’d think by now, webdevelopers would have learned. Apparently, they still haven’t. Someone responsible for Xbox.com recently uploaded a whole bunch of box art from Xbox Live Arcade titles, many of which had not yet been announced. It didn’t take long for some clever soul with too much time on their hands to delve through the site and publicly share everything that they found.


Some of the games are things that we knew about – remakes of Toe Jam & Earl, Retro City Rampage and Karateka (which we featured yesterday).

Plenty, however, were happily unknown before the images surfaced, like Double Dragon II, Discovered and the dubious-looking Girl Fight.

And some more!

All of the images are exhibited on the (somewhat bandwidth heavy) Gifted Apollo site, which links directly to the Xbox.com source. One of the perils of this hotlinking of course, is that Microsoft can click a few buttons and remove particularly sensitive content, which is why you’ll no longer see an image for the very, very unannounced Star Wars: First Assault.

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