Minecraft books on the way in 2013

We’re used to seeing Minecraft popping up in all sorts of fun places (we see those Minecraft LEGO sets have started arriving in stores), but this is a new one: Developer Mojang has struck a deal with a UK publisher to create “children’s books and magazines” based on the franchise.

There are nearly 43 million registered Minecraft gamers around the world, and while some of them are bound (heh) to never pick up a book now that they’ve left school, that’s still a pretty significant audience (even though, as TechCrunch reports, the publishing rights do not include the United States).

No details have been publicly released just yet, the deal is only freshly inked (ha!) with Egmont Publishing. Keep an eye out, “multiple projects” are due in 2013.

A spokesperson explains:

We are working closely with Mojang and with Minecraft enthusiasts to create a range of products that will deliver extra depth and breadth of content to engage and inspire fans and to enhance the experience of playing Minecraft. Minecraft excites and inspires millions of kids around the world and their appetite for content is obvious from the huge success of the online tutorials posted by passionate fans.

This isn’t the first time Egmont has dipped its toes into the games-related merchandise waters: Last month the publisher signed up with Rovio to work on a line of kids’ books based on Angry Birds.

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