Pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown, get Civ V free

Okay gamers, as much as we support traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers, sometimes the perks offered online are just too good. Latest example? XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which has officially reached its final goal, meaning everybody who pre-orders the game gets a full, giftable, copy of Civilization V thrown in as a bonus.

[img_big]center,8787,2012-01-15/MissionCtrl_01.jpg,XCOM: Enemy Unknown[/img_big]

Things started out as a bit of an experiment over at Steam, with 2K Games unveiling a three-tiered pre-order system. Each tier unlocked with a predefined number of pre-purchases, with all gamers rewarded at the end.

The first tier? About what you’d expect from most online pre-order bonuses: A bunch of in-game aesthetic tweaks. Notably, alongside armour kits and colour customisation, the “Elite Soldier Pack” excitingly included the “Classic XCOM Soldier” look, bringing back the memorable 1993 original blond flattop hairstyle.

Second tier: All of the above, plus three XCOM items for Team Fortress 2 (of course!).

Finally, the third tier (which many gamers didn’t expect the sale to reach), contains a free copy of Civilization V for every pre-purchase customer. If you’ve already got the game, don’t worry! Chances are you’ll have a friend who’s missed out, and it’s a simple matter of gifting the game via your Steam Inventory and you all win. And even if you don’t care about Civ (barbarian!), you’re getting a US$69.99 game for free – and that’s the same price as XCOM itself.

If you’ve been hanging out on the fence for this one, let Sid Meier convince you to come over to the dark side and invest in a little alien-bashin’. Alternatively, you could take the other approach: If you’ve been meaning to buy Civilization V, it now comes with a free copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

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