Hitman: Absolution introduces Contracts

Getting excited about the upcoming release of Hitman: Absolution? From early reports, it’s a bit of a return to form, with a few new bits and pieces thrown in. One of those new features is the multiplayer mode known as Contracts – an online mode which gives you the opportunity to create and share your own custom hit challenges. While it might be confusing from here, developers Tore Blystad and Travis Barbour, from IO Interactive, have jumped in to tell us all about what’s in store.

Pick your level, target, weapon and rules – in Contracts, “you simply play to create”, with IO doing away with editors and complex mechanics. Designed as an asynchronous multiplayer set-up (of course), you’ll be able to compete against your friends (and strangers!) at any time, regardless of whether they are online with you.

…and to get things started, Hitman: Absolution features a bunch of pre-set Contracts, designed by IO‘s finest assassins.

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