Play Forza Horizon demo, get a free car

Forza Horizon is speeding onto our shelves from October 23, and Microsoft, Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games have taken a few moments to show off exactly what’s in store when the racer returns, thanks to this brand new launch trailer.

…but fast cars and white-knuckle racing aren’t the only things tucked into that there video – there’s also a release date for the upcoming Forza Horizon demo, which hits Xbox Live starting October 9th (that’s next Tuesday!).

The Forza Horizon demo has been designed to whet fans’ appetite for open world automotive action that will be the centerpiece of the game. In the demo, players will get a chance to experience the Colorado of Forza Horizon, driving a number of different cars across a variety of different event types – from Horizon Festival events taking place in the dusty, dirt roads of the upper hills – to a climactic street race that find players winding up, around, and over the fictional Finley Dam.

The full game map is not included (that’d be a pretty hefty spoiler), but a decent-sized chunk is thrown in, to give you a feel of just what’s in store with Horizon. The demo is also packed with a few other goodies: Several events will automagically become Rivals Mode events once completed, meaning you’ll be able to compete against your mates to see who can set the fastest time.

…and Microsoft is hoping that you’ll go on to pick up the full version of Forza Horizon – everyone who checks out the demo and goes on to purchase the full game will receive a free car! The specially-designed custom 2013 SRT Viper GTS has been created specifically for Forza Horizon, to celebrate its “gone-gold” status – and it’s only available to those who download the demo and then purchase and play the game. That enough incentive for you?

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