Pre-paid Minecraft cards pop up in U.S. retailers

Minecraft has – pardon the pun – notched up more than 11 million sales already, with the game available via direct download and Xbox Live Arcade. Now, it’s time to tackle the final frontier: Retail. Developer Mojang has teamed up with a handful of North American retailers to sell Minecraft cards directly to the gaming public.

Minecraft cards are popping up in U.S. retailers

One of the Minecraft cards

Now, don’t get confused. Typically, “game cards” sold in retailers are for subscription time, a week or two of play, or perhaps a code to add value to a games network, like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Steam.

The Minecraft deal is a little different: The US$26.95 card will simply unlock a copy of the game from Minecraft website. The unlocked game is exactly the same as the one you can buy online with your credit card (etc), for exactly the same price.

If you’re happy with digital transactions, this means nothing to you, as you’ve probably already picked up a copy of the game anyway. However, if you’re one of the significant number of gamers who isn’t comfortable with your credit card details being used for online transactions, then this might just solve your life’s Minecraft deficiency.

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