Dishonored: Final Tale, plus pre-order bonus

The third and final video from The Tales from Dunwall has been released, which formally introduces us to Piero, the gadget man who provides Dishonored protagonist Corvo Atano with his signature mask and other state-of-the-art equipment.

We’ve already explored the philosophical and supernatural elements of the game world, but now things are getting a little personal, In the Mind of Madness.

In Dishonored, Piero is voiced by veteran actor Brad Dourif – if you recognise his dulcet tones, he’s also the gentleman behind the homicidal doll, Chucky.

These three short animations were created by Psyop, working closely with Bethesda and its marketing agency. The Tales from Dunwall has been created to give you a closer look at the shadowy whaling world of Dunwall, the oil-powered city of Dishonored, which launches from October 9th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

…but this isn’t all of the Dishonored news for today. We’ve also just discovered a tasty carrot being dangled in front of PC gamers. Pre-order the game on Steam and you’ll receive a couple of nifty things for Team Fortress 2.

This grifter’s mask is perfect for running the oldest scam in the book: tricking people into thinking you’re a down-on-his-luck, dishonored robot who’s just had dental surgery, then getting them to lend you money. Also comes with eye-gun, so if the scam doesn’t work, you can rob them.

Made of Dunwall’s finest whalebone, this charm is guaranteed to be ten times as lucky as your other jewelry made of skeleton parts. Say goodbye to that annoying necklace of rabbit feet, bat wings and shriveled hands you usually wear to buy lottery tickets.

Dishonored in Team Fortress 2

Dishonored in Team Fortress 2

There’s also one more tasty treat: Every Dishonored pre-order on Steam will net you a copy of Arx Fatalis. Surely that’s enough to nudge you over the fence?

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