Bad Piggies: App Store #1 within hours of launch

As audiences around the world wake up, we have a new #1 in the iTunes App Store, and it is – honestly – rather unsurprising. The follow-up to smash hit Angry Birds has officially launched, and Bad Piggies is taking the audience by storm.

This time around, things are a little bit different: You’re paying from the piggies’ point of view, and your task is to build “vehicle-style” creations to take them through the maps.

According to Ville Heijari from developer Rovio, it didn’t take too long for our new porky overlords to take the top spot:

@BadPiggies hit #1 in the US iTunes App Store in slightly over 3 hours from launch. Incredible stuff from @RovioHQ

Bad Piggies - #1 in US App Store

Bad Piggies – #1 in US App Store

The question now is whether or not Bad Piggies was fast enough to take the record. Earlier release Angry Birds Space hit #1 on the App Store “just hours” after going live, according to multiple reports. The only specific information we have about Angry Birds Space came ten days after release, when the interstellar spin-off reported 10 million downloads, reaching the 50 million benchmark in just 35 days.

Shouldn’t take too long before we find out whether or not Bad Piggies has quite the same pulling power as their feathered friends – at this stage, all signs point to “Probably”.

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