McPixel: Steam gets first Greenlight game

The community has spoken, and the first game approved through the Steam Greenlight process has officially arrived on the digital distribution network, and it’s a doozy. Meet McPixel, a “digitally crude adventure” from Mikolaj “Sos” Kaminski.

A scene from McPixel

A scene from McPixel

Comprising 100 short challenges (all told in a charmingly ‘rustic’ art style), McPixel stars a save-the-day guy of the same name. You have to help him reach his goals – and, typically, that goal is “don’t let stuff explode’. You have 20 seconds. And there’s a level editor.

Apparently Sos is doing something right – McPixel was included in the inaugural Steam Greenlight top 10, and is the first of the bunch to make it to retail (which suggests a second thing the developer has under control).

There have been more than 3,000 Steam Greenlight submissions since the system started last month, and more than a third of those submissions have been banned. At present, there are just over 800 entries to browse and judge.

Valve has previously announced 10 Greenlit games, with a further ten expected in October.

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