Pre-order Rift: Storm Legion, save a panda

For the next week, $1 from every copy of Rift: Storm Legion that is pre-ordered through will be donated to Pandas International, because Trion Worlds loves pandas too.

Rift: Storm Legion loves pandas

Rift: Storm Legion loves pandas

Join us in the battle for the Infinity Gate and wield four new Souls against Crucia’s ancient legion while fighting for a charitable cause.

There’s a few terms and conditions attached, of course. Firstly – the charitable donation will apply no matter where you are in the world… as long as you’re not in Alabama, Massachusetts or South Carolina, who apparently aren’t letting Trion have its fun.

Donations start from 12 midnight PDT September 26th 2012 (in about half an hour from time of writing), and will apply all the way up to 11:59pm PDS on October 3rd, 2012. While, of course, Trion is hoping to be overwhelmed by subscribers, pre-orders and donations, the total amount is capped at US$10,000 – apparently due to Maine. (“Weird, right? We don’t know what they have against Pandas, or why $10,000 is a magical number, either.”)

This contribution is not tax deductible, but it would be pretty awesome if it were. Pandas International is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization located at P.O. Box 620335, Littleton, Colorado 80162, whose mission is to ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda.

That’s all the fine print. The other stuff you might like to know: Rift: Storm Legion is the first expansion pack for the 2011 MMO. It’s set to increase the level cap, add in customisable private corners, add four new souls, two new continents and a bunch of new Instant Adventures. And, if you get onto it soon, it’ll help pandas, as well. Awwww.

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