The Tales from Dunwall tells story of Dishonored

Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit Girl from Kick Ass) is on narrator duties for The Tales from Dunwall, a new animated webisodic prequel for Dishonored. Complete with a stirring score from Dexter‘s Daniel Licht, Tales will give you a first-hand glimpse into the shadowy whaling world of Dunwall, teetering on the edge of dystopia.

Here is the first episode: The Awakening.

The animation style is stunning – and it has good reason to be. Each episode was largely produced by hand, with each frame a fully rendered style frame, which was then enhanced with 3D elements, adding atmosphere, dimension and depth – all under the watchful eye of Psyop.

This all adds up to spin even more intrigue around the upcoming release of Dishonored – where you’re cast as a supernatural assassin, driven by revenge. At your fingertips are the most astounding steam-punk era weapons and gadgetry, and in your spirit, a little supernatural ability.

Created by French/American Arkane Studios, Dishonored is due out from October 9th, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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