Castle Crashers set to take PC + Mac next week

As we’ve mentioned previously, those gentle, elegant fellows from Castle Crashers are making their way to PC (and Mac, for that matter). Today, we have a date for you, with the game popping up on Steam for both platforms on September 26th.

Castle Crashers - soon on Steam

Castle Crashers – soon on Steam

The Behemoth has done the right thing with this conversion, too: Castle Crashers for PC/Mac supports gamepads, Steam Cloud and online multiplayer. It’s been shown off at both PAX and gamescom, and gained all the sort of excited squealing you’d expect.

The original game launched on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008, and PlayStation Network in 2010. Since then, Castle Crashers has sold more than 2 million copies on XBLA alone, with online leaderboards boasting more than 3 million players around the world. Starting next Wednesday, that number is expected to skyrocket.

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