ArmA 3 banned in Iran

It seems it’s not just Greece who potentially has issues with upcoming tactical FPS ArmA III, with reports coming out of Iran that the game has been denied licensing, and effectively banned from sale.

[img_big]center,7968,2012-08-15/arma3_screenshot_gc_2012_04.jpg,ArmA III[/img_big]

Local media reports that the game, set in the mid-2030s and features “Eastern armies” lead by an resurgent Iran, does not give an accurate portrayal of Iranian forces. Iran’s national foundation of computer games, together with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps reportedly took offense at the way Iranian forces were shown as enemies to NATO, and have agreed to ban imports of the game into the country.

Now, the National Foundation of Computer Games has also issued its own statement, explaining that “relevant institutions and organisations” are forbidden from distributing the game (or allowing it to be distributed) without appropriate permission.

It’s a similar situation to the one DICE and EA found themselves in last year, when Battlefield 3 was banned, due to the game’s inclusion of an American war force launching an assault on the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The news follows the story of two ArmA III developers arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos, for allegedly taking photographs and video footage of restricted military areas. There is some debate over whether or not the developers were taking the photos as research for the upcoming shooter.

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