Spy Hunter: Take a look at enemies and weapons

Spy Hunter is back, the latest classic game to get a new breath of life thanks to the latest technology. Warner Bros tells us that the G-6155 Interceptor has been thoroughly revamped for the 21st century, packed with new weapons and technology, but intel is suggesting the bad guys have had the same sort of upgrade.

The new Spy Hunter puts you as the Agent, the driver of the high-tech supercar known as the G-6155 Interceptor. You’ve got advanced weaponry and gadgets at your fingertips – but is it enough to take on the global terrorist organisation bent on world domination?

The Interceptor can trasnform between supercar, off-road assault vehicle and even a speed boat, just in case you need something a little bit different when taking on the game’s branching missions. Plus, you can kit it out however you like, adding and upgrading weapons and high-tech gadgets as you progress through Spy Hunter.

The Spy Hunter franchise is nearly 30 years old, with the original game arriving in arcades in 1983. It’s well overdue for an upgrade, and where better for the new game to pop up than on both PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS?

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