Pure Pwnage returns with new movie campaign

Pure Pwnage is back. The cult Canadian internet sensation was put on “indefinite hold” in January last year, with co-founders Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire moving on to other projects. Now though, the “greatest video game player of all time” is preparing a glorious return – something bigger than the webseries, bigger than the tv series, bigger than the DVD releases. Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie is, officially, a Thing (and it needs your help).

Pure Pwnage started life in 2004 as something Jarett and Geoff worked on in their spare time, designed to give “fellow Command & Conquer addicts” a bit of a giggle. It didn’t take long for the fledgling webseries, filmed on a borrowed university palmcorder, to start gaining an impressive following.

Hundreds of millions of views later, the adventures of Jeremy and Kyle had left an indelible mark on Internet gaming culture… dare we say Boom! Headshot!!

The series ran for four years, before fizzling out in late 2008. New life was breathed into the idea when Canadian television picked up an adaptation for broadcast in 2010. That lasted for one season, picking up awards and great viewer numbers, but was not renewed.

Pure Pwnage: Jeremy outside

Pure Pwnage: Jeremy outside

The concept of a Pure Pwnage feature film had been thrown around for years, but was unceremoniously dropped when interest in the webseries faded. Now though, it’s time for a comeback.

We’ve made web episodes with a budget of ten dollars. We’ve made TV episodes with a budget of a million. We’ve had the incredible opportunity to engage in all elements and mediums of video creation… except one.

We want to make a movie. But not just any movie, we want to make THE gamer movie, the one that finally does justice to online gaming and Internet culture on the big screen. We feel that Hollywood has continually (and often epically) failed to deliver on this front. So we want to pwn Hollywood like somebody’s mom playing Call of Duty and we need your help to do it.

The project’s US$75,000 budget includes general production costs, but also the plan to take Jeremy, Kyle and their friends outside of their Canadian homeland. The concept of South Korea has been thrown around – a spiritual pilgrimage for the greatest video game player of all time!

Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie uses the crowdfunding site indiegogo, rather than the more popular Kickstarter model. The primary difference? All money pledged will go to the creators – regardless of whether the goal amount is achieved. The rest of the model is essentially the same, with perks offered for various contribution levels – US$10 will get you a “Pwnage Access Pass” including live streams and behind-the-scenes VODs. Others include copies of the DVD, your name in a Thank You section, t-shirts, posters and props, all the way up to the $10,000 “Movie Star” ranking, where you get all sorts of fun bits and pieces plus Kyle will create a film with you in the starring role!

So! If you love games, gaming, gamer culture, Canadians, comedy, pwning n00bs or just want to support cool people doing cool stuff, head to indiegogo.com/purepwnage and hand over all your money. It’ll be worth it, trust me.

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