Medal of Honor Warfighter – A soldier speaks

Meet Rofo. He’s 31, and a Green Beret in the Australian Commandos. He’s a veteran of conflicts in both East Timor and Afghanistan, and is a Recon specialist. After returning home, Rofo was snapped up by EA and Danger Close to act as a consultant on the upcoming release of Medal of Honor Warfighter, to make sure the military shooter has that certain ring of authenticity.

This latest video features Rofo talking about the role of an assaulter, the differences between a professional soldier and a “bar room brawler”, and some of the psychological elements essential for members of the Special Forces.

…and it’s all a little bit jarring, hearing Rofo talk about the role politics plays in the warzone, while first-person shooter video clips are played over the top.

It’s a bit of a warrior attitude, a bit of a soldiering attitude, that you are there to kill the enemy, and there’s a good chance they’re going to kill you, too.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is due out in Australia on October 25th, and other places around the world starting October 23rd. Of course, it’s coming out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with a Wii U version also in the works, due out a little later.

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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