Sony reveals new "Super Slim" PS3

With Tokyo Game Show kicking off tomorrow, Sony‘s already made the first big announcement: A new model PlayStation 3, even smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

SCE Europe head Andrew House revealed the new hardware, which is already known as the “Super Slim”. The new console is roughly half the size of the original “fat” PS3, and a quarter lighter than the current Slim. You’ll also get more space to store your games: The 160GB model is replaced by 250GB, and the former 320GB style gets a serious boost, up to 500GB built-in memory. As well as both of these standard HDD versions, there’s a third Super Slim hitting the market, featuring 12GB of built-in flash memory (with an optional 250GB external hard drive sold for savegame files).

PlayStation 3: Fat, Slim, SuperSlim

PlayStation 3: Fat, Slim, SuperSlim

The most exciting part of all of this? You get the smaller, lighter, boosted console for the same price as the current model. The 500GB model is only available in black, selling for ¥29,980 (€299/US$299). The smaller 250GB is also available in black as well as a Japan-only Classic White edition. Both retail for ¥24,980 (€229/US$269). Check with your local retailers for pricing.

Datewise, we’re looking pretty good: Japan gets both HDD models on October 4th, but each other major region has two different release dates planned. North America sees the 250GB on September 25th for $249 RRP, and the 500GB on October 30th for US$299 RRP.

Europe and other PAL territories get the 500GB version on September 28th (€299) and the 12GB Flash memory edition on October 12th for €229. Australia and New Zealand get 500GB on September 27th (AUD$399.95, NZD$519.95), and Aussies also get the Flash Memory version on that day (AUD$299.95), while Kiwis have to wait for October 18th (NZD$399.95).

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