Get a first look at Rovio's Bad Piggies

With so many casual games these days adhering strictly to the “Angry Birds clone” mindset, it’s interesting to see that the game’s official spinoff is going for something completely different. Bad Piggies stars the little green dudes who appeared in the first game, but this time, the egg-stealin’ porkers are, arguably, the good guys.

The first official gameplay trailer for the game is, well, pretty impressive. Your job is to build vehicles for the piggies (Rovio promises there are no slingshots, this time around), and then let them drive around for a bit, collecting cargo and transporting bits and pieces. And crashing. Plenty of crashing.

I think I may officially be Part of the Problem. I never really jumped onto the Angry Birds bandwagon, possibly thanks to my lack of skills when it comes to anything involving physics of pseudo-gravity. That said, something about Bad Piggies has grabbed me and won’t let go…

The game’s due out next week, on September 27th (for Android, Mac, PC and iOS), so better get all your important stuff done now, you won’t be terribly productive after Thursday.

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