Torchlight II: Free soundtrack!

Torchlight II is glowing ever brighter as the RPG approaches release later this week. If the prospect of waiting another few days is too much for you, the friendly sorts at Runic Games have released the game’s full soundtrack for you to download, absolutely free. The 28 tracks will do a little to soften the blow that the game will officially not be arriving on consoles.

[img_big]center,6628,2011-11-17/tl2_screenshot_07_huge.jpg,Torchlight II[/img_big]

Runic CEO Max Schaefer has announced that Torchlight II is essentially too pretty to make a console appearance.

We haven’t ruled it out but to do a port like we did last time, would probably not be on the cards, because of the limitations of Xbox Live Arcade, and the fact that we would have to downsample all our artwork this time.

With Torchlight we were able to do a direct port of pretty much all of the art assets, other than the interface that had to be redesigned. It would be a lot more work this time. It’s questionable whether a business case can be made for that.

Schaefer explains that the team “enjoyed” making Torchlight for Xbox Live, and acknowledges that it made money for the studio. At the same time, he explains that the studio must “evaluate everything across the board” – and at the moment, Torchlight II for console just doesn’t make sense.

[img_big]center,6628,2011-11-17/tl2_screenshot_03_huge.jpg,Torchlight II[/img_big]

…but back to the music. The Torchlight 2 soundtrack is available right now in our file library, the 120MB zip file containing 28 tracks and a nifty high-res booklet for you to print out. The music itself is composed by Matt Uelmen, who created the haunting soundtrack for Diablo II, and features a live symphony orchestra recorded in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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