Release day eye-candy for Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is here! It’s just hit North American virtual shelves, and is making its way across the rest of the globe in the next little while. To celebrate, we’ve got some eye candy for you from Gearbox Software, properly introducing Handsome Jack, and giving you a better view of each of the 300 enemies.

First off, the video, which features Handsome Jack – the new charismatic bad guy of Pandora – who seems quite upset by the new quartet of characters who are ganging up on him. Hint: Those four characters are all playable, and they’re really not that bad.

Then, if the moving pictures are too much for you to handle, we’ve got a pretty impressive-looking still one for you, showing off every single one of the game’s 300 (or so) enemies. It’s been drawn up by a marketing artist at Gearbox and features the sort of ludicrous detail we’ve come to expect from the franchise.

Every enemy from Borderlands 2

(Click to embiggen, and then zoom in!)

Borderlands 2 is available right now via Steam, and is launching in other regions and on other platforms over the next day or two. Take a deep breath, this one’s going to take you a while – stay tuned for our review!

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