WipEout franchise still ticking over after closures

Following the closure of Studio Liverpool late last month, many gamers thought that was the end for the classic WipEout franchise. It seems you can’t keep a good series down, though – the developers have popped up again, suggesting we may not have seen the last of the futuristic racer.

Firstly, this image appeared on the Twitter and Facebook accounts for WipEout 2048.

WipEout: WE. ARE. ALIVE.


Now, an open letter has arrived:

Good afternoon Pilots

As you may be aware; Studio Liverpool shut its doors on the 22nd of August 2012.

It was a very sad day- the end of an era and will never be forgotten. While we wait for news on the future of WipEout, Online play will continue to be supported and there will be plenty of WipEout community events, giveaways and goodies to look forward to!

WipEout’s passion will live on – Together we are stronger and together we will keep WipEout alive.

WE ♥ WO!

The WipEout series was started back in 1995 by Psygnosis. It’s seen eight sequels in the decade since, with the most recent being WipEout 2048 for PlayStation Vita.

When Sony shut down Studio Liverpool, the developer was very careful to retain the rights to the WipEout IP – and, in fact, was rumoured to be working on a version of the game for PlayStation 4.

At this stage, the devs are playing their cards close to their collective chests. We haven’t yet been promised a new game, extended support for the old game, or anything in between, but it sounds like someone, somewhere, is still performing CPR on the struggling series.

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