MGM announces plans for Metro 2033 film

The latest game to be picked up by a filmmaker might be a surprising one, with MGM announcing it now owns the rights to Metro 2033, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi story told by 4A Games and THQ that spawned the sequel Metro: Last Light.

[img_big]center,15,2010-06-08/2533a008f17aa829380132c4358a7ac9.jpg,Metro 2033[/img_big]

The studio has officially snapped up screen rights to Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel, which in turn inspired the game adaptation. Heat Vision reports that F. Scott Frazier (Line of Sight, Day One) is onboard as scriptwriter, while Mark Johnson (who has produced The Chronicles of Narnia series as well as Galaxy Quest) is producer.

Metro 2033 is set in the underground transport system of Moscow, following a nuclear holocaust. The novel focusses on a young survivor, and his journey to survive, facing off with mutants, the Fourth Reich and various political factions and metro station tribes, as he tries to make his way above ground.

The book – the first in an ever-growing series – started life online in 2002, before being published as a Russian novel in 2005 and being translated into 35 languages. An English version was produced in 2010 – the same year 4A Games adapted it into a game.

Today, there are more than 20 Metro books, with Glukhovsky asking other countries to contribute their own stories to the saga.

No word on release windows, actors or directors for the Metro 2033 film just yet, but it’s unlikely to arrive any time before Metro: Last Light hits shelves next year.

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