Blizzard wants you to know about SMS Protect

Have you heard about the SMS Protect service available for all account holders? It’s a free service (as long as you’re not charged to receive text messages), which adds an extra level of protection for your account, meaning your mobile phone is required if you want to play a little World of Warcraft, StarCraft II or Diablo III.

It’s been out for a little while now, but Blizzard wants everybody to know about it, publishing this nifty video to reinforce the message.

You don’t need a smartphone – anything that’s able to receive text messages will be able to use this technology, and it has been tested internationally to great success.

So – what can SMS Protect do for you? Finally, you’ll be able to remove a damaged or lost Authenticator from your account! You can also unlock your account, recover your account name, or reset your password. If you’re the curious type, set up the service to send you text messages whenever your account is used in certain ways – like password changes or security feature modifications.

It’s not been designed to replace the current authenticators (either the phone version or the standalone), but – like many online banking services – it’s been designed mainly to allow certain simple actions via your phone, and to warn about suspicious activity.

For more information, hit up the SMS Protect FAQ, which also contains information about what to do if you lose your phone.

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