First trailer for Fuse hits the airwaves

Insomniac Games has officially confirmed something we all kinda new anyway: Fuse is officially a revamped version of Overstrike, the third-person, four-player co-op game announced at E3 2011. After a bit of a false start, we now have the brand new trailer for the game, and a handful of screens that show just what you’re getting yourself in for.

We’ll start at the beginning. Fuse focusses on a volatile energy source (named Fuse!) that has fallen – somewhat predictably – into the wrong hands. The wrong hands in this case belong to a terrorist organisation known as Raven, and it’s up to you and three of your mates to stop them, as part of Overstrike 9.

Brian Allgeier is Creative Director at Insomniac Games, and he can explain it better than me:

Each member of Overstrike 9 has its own signature Fuse-powered weapon. Play as Dalton Brooks, an ex-mercenary who has a Mag-shield that acts as portable cover and unleashes a devastating blast that liquefies opponents. Take on the role of Naya Deveraux, who can cloak to flank enemies and fire out mini-black holes that implode its victims. As Jacob Kimble, you can keep enemies at a distance with the Arc Shot and shoot out charged bolts that chain react and fry enemies. Then there’s Izzy Sinclair, who can either launch out med beacons to heal teammates or fire her Shatter Gun to crystallizes and explode nearby threats. If you’re not sure who you want to play, you can use the LEAP feature to instantly switch to any available character. A good tactic when you’re in a pinch!

At this stage, Brian is only discussing campaign mode, which sees you taking down targets with a combination of conventional weapons and the clever use of Fuse. As you progress, you’ll earn upgrade points that are put towards your weapons or abilities – working together will earn you more points, so don’t be a lone wolf!

[img_three]10193,2012-09-13/7978738883_ea90becb7a_o.jpg,2012-09-13/7978319339_d425733818_o.jpg,2012-09-13/7978320100_766ffc17b4_o.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

I’ve been at Insomniac for more than 13 years and was part of the development of the first Ratchet & Clank for the PS2. It’s never easy developing new gameplay, an engaging storyline, and new technology from scratch. But at Insomniac right now, we’re having a lot of fun both evolving and playing Fuse. I believe the telltale signs of a signature “Insomniac” game are in full force. We’re diligently working on making sure each character and gameplay mechanic is satisfying to play. Our story is filled with intrigue and contains exciting plot twists with a touch of that classic Insomniac humor. And there won’t be a shortage of replay options thanks to our LEAP feature.

There’s no set release date for Fuse just yet, but keep an eye out around March 2013, if you know what’s good for you.

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