Double Dragon: Neon soundtrack out now – Free!

Billy and Jimmy must fight through hordes of enemies to reach their nemesis – Skullmageddon – and save their girlfriend Marion. This is Double Dragon: Neon, and it’s brought the classic franchise right up into the 21st century while still maintaining a heckuvalot of 80s gloss.

Double Dragon: Neon


One of the highlights of this bro-tastic adventure – aside from the mile-high hair, magical high fives and hyper-saturated colour scheme – is the music, of course. It’s inspired by the most manly of falsettos, the most wailing of guitars, and the most tight of black leather pants – and it’s out right now, absolutely free. You don’t even have to play the game if you don’t want to (although, you’re missing out if you don’t).

The fellas at WayForward have enlisted the help of award-winning sound designer and composer, Jake Kaufman, who was inspired not only by the new Billy and Jimmy, but also by the original tunes of the 80s. He’s thrown the whole lot up on the Double Dragon Neon website, where you can name your price. How much are your memories worth?

Double Dragon: Neon, the “most righteous of beat’em’ups” is out right now on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation network, and it’s a great time to grab your bro and get ready to rock!

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