Battlefield 3 cheaters on notice, report button fixed

There has always been a button in Battlefield 3 to report cheaters. The problem is, of course, that the Battlelog “report” button never actually did anything, which made it a pretty terrible way of stopping the problem.

Now though, that’s all changed: DICE and EA have – apparently – fixed the problem, so clicking the “report” button actually sends a report to the appropriate people.

[img_big]center,7473,2012-06-06/battlefield_3_-_close_quarters_-_operation_925_map_1.jpg,Battlefield 3[/img_big]

The new function lets Battlefield 3 gamers report cheaters and stat padders, submit links to Battle reports, and select players suspected of cheating. There’s still a human element – someone from the DICE anti-cheat team will still sit down and check out the reported individuals, so the system (theoretically) cannot be abused.

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