Real Racing 3 enjoys the Apple spotlight

For fans of racing games, the highlight of Wednesday’s Apple press conference wasn’t necessarily the extra row of icons. It wasn’t even the super-sparkly Retina display, or the thinner, lighter form factor. It was a moment, about 25 minutes into the presentation, where a certain Australian-developed game popped up on the big screen. That game? Real Racing 3.

We’d seen the game before, of course, but this was our first glimpse of just how amazing Firemonkeys‘ next game looks, using the new hardware.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Firemonkeys Executive Producer Rob Murray explains:

Apple technology continues to evolve the mobile games experience, and we believe games like Real Racing 3 best highlight what consumers have to look forward to with these advancements. The game’s dynamic reflections, sharp track shadows and other beautifully detailed assets will take full advantage of the iPhone 5’s new visual capabilities to deliver a stunning mobile gaming experience that rivals many console games.

The iPhone 5 is the first phone with the hardware capable of displaying Real Racing 3 in all its glory – impeccably detailed cars, track models, dynamic reflections… The cars aren’t flat and lifeless any more. The iPhone 5 means they can be kitted out with carbon fibre, chrome alloys, leather interiors and pearlescent paint. They look just like the real thing – and you can still keep ’em in your pocket.

A new addition to the Real Racing franchise is the all-new rear view mirror, designed to give gamers important cues from their competitors. And you’ll need it, too: Real Racing 3 introduces time-shifted multiplayer, using the new features of Game Centre iOS 6.

Real Racing 3, with all its bells and whistles (and a swanky lineup of Porches) hits iOS a little later this year – stay tuned!

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