Tekken Tag Tournament 2 wants to tattoo you

How dedicated are you to your favourite game? The UK branch of Namco Bandai Partners wants to put that to the test, teaming up with London’s world famous [surl=http://frithstreettattoo.co.uk/]Frith St. Tattoo[/surl] studio to offer free tattoos to Tekken fans.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Frith Street Tattoo

Is this your new ink?

The arrangement is simple. The first five people who show up to Frith St Tattoo clutching a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on launch day, will receive a tattoo voucher worth up to £300. While they won’t have to get inked right then and there, they do have to sort out their “Tekken-inspired tattoo” within three months. While there, gamers are invited to browse through some official Tekken artwork, Frith St artists’ portfolios, chat to the artists – each one at the top of their field – and book an appointment.

Lee Kirton, Marketing Director of Namco Bandai Partners UK explains:

It’s exciting to be working with The Frith St. Tattoo studio – they are one of the best in the business and will provide the highest quality Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tattoos. The characters in the game have been intricately designed so the 5 lucky dedicated fans will get themselves a fantastic tattoo that would normally cost hundreds.

Frith Street Tattoo is home to a bunch of award-winning artists, including Emiliano, Miles, Stewart, Valerie, Stefano and Jordan – and is one of the best-known tattoo shops in London.

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Better be quick! Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is out this Friday (September 14th) for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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