BitMonster: Lili is optimised for new iPod touch

With the brand new iPhone 5 finally revealed today, games optimised for the new Apple hardware are already being announced. First cab off the rank is Lili, from the former Epic developers at BitMonster Games.

We already knew that Lili had an impressive pedigree, but now we find that she’s been optimised for the brand new iPod touch and its sparklingly-clear 4″ Retina display.

The “quirky adventure RPG hybrid” is powered by the Unreal Engine, which can now access up to twice the processing performance, and up to seven times the graphical power of the previous generation (thanks to the new dual-core A5 chip).

Lee Perry is president of BitMonster, and he’s a bit pleased to be playing with the new technology:

We are extremely excited to be able to bring Lili to new iPod touch.

There’s something amazing when you get the right platform, the right set of tools, and the right people together on a project. We think Lili is a great first project, and we couldn’t be prouder of what six guys in one room have been able to accomplish in only seven months.

Lili on screen at today's Apple Conference

(Image courtesy @UnrealEngine)

Just like all good game settings, the mysterious island of Geos is home to some stunning environments, a handful of puzzles, an oppressive regime (or two), and a number of crazy folk. Rather than hacking and slashing her way through, Lili lets her words do the work, using an innovative non-combat system for dealing with enemies.

Lili will hit the iTunes App Store on September 21st, for iPod touch and iPhone. If you don’t have the absolute latest, shiniest hardware, don’t stress, the game will run just fine on other recent iDevices – but remember, you’ll miss out on some of the most impressive bits!

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