Team Fortress 2 wants your help for Halloween

Did you know that there are only 103 days until Christmas? Don’t worry about that now though, something even bigger and more awesome is even closer. Halloween is looming in the shadows at the end of next month, and Team Fortress 2 wants your help getting ready to celebrate.

Team Fortress 2

Delightful costume, sir.

It’s a well-established fact that every Halloween, all the ghosts, goblins, Draculas, bigfoots, Frankensteins and Area 51 aliens leave their house at the cemetery to scare humans. But what would happen if you snuck down to the cemetery before Halloween? You would die. Of scaredness? No! Of boredom. That’s because between now and October 31st, all the monsters are busy having meetings (about terror) and conducting focus groups (to test all the latest scaring techniques). Oh no! What’s that chupacabra doing lurking in the shadows? (Answer: Reading a spreadsheet about blood.)

“Scariness is serious business,” say the team at Valve, and they’re throwing the floodgates open, inviting you – and everyone you know – to throw the most terrifying, spooky, freaktastic Halloween-themed cosmetic items into the Steam Workshop.

Not the item-making kind? Don’t fret! Visit the workshop and vote for everyone else’s creations, so the best ones can win! (Plus: The more items you rate before launch, the less spooked you’ll be when the Scream Fortress update arrives! Bonus!)

Other tips: Pay people to jump out and yell “Boo” at you. Have somebody paint ghosts on their car and then try to hit you with it. If you know an ugly person, why not ask them to try scaring you? Every little bit helps.

Team Fortress 2 is out now – free to play – via Steam. Halloween is on October 31st, around the world. You have been warned.

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