Akaneiro: Watch gameplay, join the Order

Spicy Horse has officially thrown open the doors, inviting you in to sign up for the beta test for upcoming fantasy action-RPG, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. We’ve been hearing about this Japanese-inspired interpretation of Red Riding Hood for what feels like forever now, but today’s new trailer is our first real look at how the game actually looks.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters was orignally a collaboration between Spicy Horse founder American McGee and two of his creative partners, RJ Berg and Ken Wong. Since then, the idea has morphed and changed, with Ben Kerslake now picking up the reins with an all-new team.

The game sees Red Riding Hood transported to Japan, with the classic little girl of the fairy tale transformed into an accomplished hunter of both beasts and demons. She finds herself in a setting inspired by late Edo period Japan, which Kerslake explains was “a tumultuous period of change as foreign influence and modernization clashed with ancient Japanese tradition”.

We’re promised a unique, free-to-play Action RPG (but “not the naggy, spammy, unbalancing kind”, apparently), set in a vividly hand-painted world that’s packed with bizarre characters, ancient demons and more than a few fantastic locations. Your task is to master a bunch of different weapons, learn new combat techniques, improve your equipment and enlist the aid of a few mysterious spirit companions.

[img_three]10229,2012-09-12/AkaDH_cbshot_06.jpg,2012-09-12/AkaDH_cbshot_15.jpg,2012-09-12/AkaDH_cbshot_03.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

Running on the Unity 3D engine, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters will enter closed beta shortly, with a full release following some time later for PC, Facebook and other online clients, plus Android tablets. For more information, head to the official Akaneiro website and sign up!

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