Legal issues delay first Fuse trailer release

During Ted Price’s keynote speech at PAX, the Insomniac Games founder and CEO revealed an image from new game Fuse, with a link to a countdown website. The website was ticking down the seconds to 6am Pacific Daylight time on September 12th – but just a few short hours before deadline, the countdown was replaced by an apology from Price himself.


Our first glimpse of Fuse

We had an awesome trailer planned and finished. Unfortunately, a last-minute legal-rights issue has prevented us from releasing the trailer as planned. EA is trying to obtain the necessary approvals and we hope to bring the trailer to you soon. After discussing internally, we wanted to stop the countdown and explain what happened.

However – all is not lost. Price explains that Insomniac will still launch the Fuse section of the Insomniac website, containing screenshots and information on the new game, at the time the original countdown had been scheduled to end.

While game delays are nothing new, it’s somewhat more unusual for an announcement to be pushed back. Then again, Fuse has technically already been announced, back at E3 2011, when everybody got very excited about Overstrike. 12 months later, and the four person co-op shooter is back, with a new name… but we’ll still have to wait a little before we get to see it properly.

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