Amnesia still selling 10,000 copies per month

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has terrified more than 1.3 million people, reports developer Frictional Games. This is nothing to scoff at, but what’s really impressive is the fact that someone new is discovering – and buying – a copy of the game roughly every five minutes, every day of the week. This adds up to around 10,000 copies per month, and the game’s been around for more than two years.

[img_big]center,357,2010-11-16/2010_june_fountain_of_youth.jpg,Amnesia: The Dark Descent[/img_big]

Looking further at the numbers, just over half – 710,000 copies – were directly sold as standalone products. The remainder were included in software compilations like the Humble Indie Bundle and the Potato Sack Reunion.

Spokesperson Thomas Grip reports in a blog post:

The figures themselves are far beyond any guesses we would have made two years ago. It is also insane, because this number is actually higher than it was around three months after initial launch. That a game can still be going this good two years after is truly remarkable.

Grip explains that Amnesia wasn’t selling this strongly three months after release, thanking the game’s unique features, the strong modding community and the vast array of fan videos popping up all over YouTube.

The insight continues:

I think we have never disclosed how much we Amnesia cost to make, so might as well do that here. The (exactly) three years of development cost a total of 360 000 US Dollars. It has since earned more than ten times that. Take that investors we talked to in 2009!

The blog post also touches on the topic of piracy, as most game dev blogs do, but Grip’s post is a little different to the traditional doom-and-gloom we hear from the big companies. According to Grip, Frictional hasn’t even thought about piracy for more than a year, and “with sales as good as above we cannot really see this as an issue worth more than two lines in this post, so screw it.”

The 11-man team is now working on producing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs with Dear Esther developer thechineseroom, as well as working on its new, first-person horror “super secret project”.

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