Dungeon Rampage questions Zynga's claims

While the world is salivating over the recent release of FarmVille 2, the team behind Dungeon Rampage is objecting – just slightly – to Zynga‘s claim that the new agriculture simulator is the first “next-gen” title to hit social gaming.

Instead, Rebel Entertainment reckons it crossed that milestone months ago, when Dungeon Rampage hit beta. The game boasts real time multiplayer, plus a dynamic friends system which spans a number of gaming platforms.

[img_big]center,10219,2012-09-10/dr_beta_screenshot03.jpg,Dungeon Rampage[/img_big]

Dungeon Rampage officially launched last week, featuring a whole bunch of free-to-play content not only on Facebook, but also on gaming portal Kongregate and, of course, on its own website DungeonRampage.com.

Mike Goslin is general manager at Rebel Entertainment:

As a multiplayer action game that’s compelling for traditional gamers as well as the new generation of online and social gamers, it’s only natural that we continue to expand Dungeon Rampage across multiple platforms. We want our fans to have the ability to rampage together whenever or wherever they choose.

…as you may have guessed, Dungeon Rampage features more than a handful of dungeons, plus perilous dragons and other nasties. It’s full of arcade-style gaming, plus (wait for it) synchronous online multiplayer action, bucking recent trends.

In a world where gaming can become a purely solitary affair, Dungeon Rampage is designed for fans to play together, working towards a common goal of defeating the evil minions and the vicious tyrant.

More than 3 million gamers have dipped their toes into the murky Dungeon Rampage waters since the game entrered beta earlier this year, playing more than 6.7 million hours throughout more than 29 million dungeons.

Of course, it’s not just on Facebook, with Jim Greer, Kongregate CEO, already a big fan:

Having already proved to be a hit with gamers, Dungeon Rampage’s fast-paced, synchronous play will give our players an immense combat experience. Rebel Entertainment created a riveting game, and we are delighted that quality titles like this are finding a home on Kongregate.

Pick from one of six warriors (more to come soon!) as you battle your way through the “Dungeon Games” of the evil ruler, Lord Dinglepus. Your quest will take you from the Royal Forest to the depths of Crushmore Canyon – and you’ll need as much help as you can get.

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