Gotta read 'em all: Pokémon Blue on an eReader

We’ve looked at games being played on unusual platforms before, but it’s still nifty to see what people come up with. Today’s offering? A Barnes & Noble Nook, running Pokémon Blue, thanks to Android 2.1 and a Game Boy Color emulator.

The game was originally designed for an 8-bit processor, so it’s no surprise that the 800MHz Nook Simple Touch can handle the old-school release.

This is not the sort of Nook that has been designed to play games – the Simple Touch retails for US$99, and is pretty much the bargain-basement eBook reader. It features a decent battery life, and an e-ink “Best Text” screen, designed for reading in bright sunlight, or to help avoid eyestrain. It’s about as simple as it gets – and, unfortunately – it’s not quite up to par when it comes to playing games.

The developer of this mod has included a feature to override the built-in full-refresh between frames, which makes the game run faster, but also leads to screen glitches and serious ghosting issues.

It might not be the prettiest, but it’s rather functional and does potentially bode well for other Nook / eReader games in the future, even on tablets that aren’t necessarily created with that in mind. You can already play games like Zork and other interactive fiction on your Kindle, so perhaps something like a simplified Pokémon isn’t such a great leap!

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