WINNER: Portal Gun Replica competition

After receiving a whole stack of entries, it’s time to announce the winner of our Win A Portal Gun replica competition, thanks to Gametraders and EA Australia. We had so many great submissions (from all over the world, actually) it was difficult to pick a winner, but the judges have conferred and chosen one lucky gamer to receive this very special prize.

So, without further ado: congratulations to Nathan Lenehan!
Your limited edition Portal Gun replica is on its way to you,
along with a copy of Portal 2 for PC and Mac.

Portal Gun replica from NECA

Going to a good home.

We were bombarded with various ways that people would improve their lives with the addition of a Portal Gun. There were a few familiar themes running through, suggesting gamers really are lazy and would like to use Aperture Science’s most advanced technology simply to bring the fridge closer to the games machine.

In case you were wondering just what Nathan did to win the prize, here’s his entry:

I cannot even begin to fathom the variety of ways by which my life would be improved simply by having a portal gun.

Being in high school and studying physics would be about 48.3(repeater) billion times more entertaining, as Newton’s three laws of motion are practically demonstrated with an amazing piece of Aperture science technology. (An example of an experiment would be using the classic portal loop (one on top one below) to gain momentum and then firing the subject by changing the outgoing portal to an area where there is a clear vector).

Working at a fast food outlet would become a physics puzzle, as I use my trusty portal gun to position stock boxes, prepare foods in a fashion similar to using the blue gel in Portal 2 (i.e. just chuck ingredients in one end of a portal where they assemble on the other side, hopefully…) and eject rowdy and unpleasant customers who need a time out with Wheatley on the moon (or just in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.).

Possibly the most useful purpose I can think of for a real Aperture Science Portal gun, would be to take downhill mountain bike riding to a whole new level, as I attach my portal gun to the front of my bike with the trigger attached to either handlebar, I am able to jump off of ramps positioned atop the mountains of the escarpment free fall for about 20 seconds and then fire a portal at my landing area which (if I am levelled properly) takes me to a flat stretch of dirt (which I fired my secondary portal at earlier), where I slow down safely, having have experienced the biggest thrill possible.

Now that, is what I would do, with a real life portal gun.

Thanks to everyone who entered – good luck for next time! (…and thanks again to Gametraders and EA Australia for their support!)

Given the absolutely overwhelming response we had to this competition, rest assured there will be plenty more where that came from: Stay tuned to find out what we’ll be giving away next…

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