Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm turns to the Pacific

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Red Orchestra 2, but the fellas at Tripwire haven’t rested since the game’s release last year. Their work has come to fruition as a new stand-alone expansion for the game, and we’re very pleased to see that Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm looks every bit as sweet as you’d expect:

The new expansion will feature all of the original maps included with Heroes of Stalingrad, but throws in a bunch of other cool stuff as well. This time around, we’re on the Pacific Front, facing the Japanese armed forces.

(In addition to the Stalingrad maps, Rising Storm features a bunch of its own – we can see four in the video: Iwo Jima, New Guinea, Betio and Charan Kano on Saipan.)

Lucky for the US, the Japanese are ill-equipped. The flip side? They’re also pretty clever, and have a bunch of tactical abilities that we meat-fisted Americans don’t. This is asymmetrical gameplay at its peak: Japanese can access booby traps, banzai charges and spawn bunkers, while the American side gets other nifty weaponry including a flamethrower.

Originally designed as a mod, Rising Storm has developed a life of its own – and it’s expected to hit the market a little later this year.

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