Overstrike apparently now known as Fuse

One of the most exciting new games that we saw at E3 2011 was an EA partnership with Insomniac, a four-person co-op action game called Overstrike. The problem is, that’s about the last we heard of it, when it burst onto the scene with this impressive teaser trailer.

That’s how we first met reformed mercenary Dalton Brooks, lifelong thief Naya Deveraux, gifted (and rebellious) young scientist Isabelle Sinclair, and the crossbow-wielding detective Jason Kimble. By their powers combined… they are Overstrike 9 – or at least, they were.

When asked about Overstrike at last week’s PAX event, Insomniac president and CEO Ted Price diverted the conversation to discuss an unknown project called Fuse. Turns out the game’s not really that unknown, we just hadn’t been brought up to speed on the rebrand.

Insomniac have not yet confirmed, but internet sleuths have decided that Fuse is Overstrike, apparently starring the same four characters and a similar timeline. A handy countdown clock is ticking down the seconds until “unknown contact” hits the Overstrike Data Node in around six days.

Before that happens though, we do have a new video from Fuse, which does nothing to convince people we haven’t seen this before.

The aesthetic has changed a little, it’s looking a bit more realistic, but – most importantly – it’s looking like people have been working on it. Expect answers in a week or so, but it might be time to start adjusting your wishlists, as Overstrike as we know it may have gone.

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