Glitch is nearly ready to be reborn

Unusual browser-based MMO Glitch is still a little while off of relaunching, but developer Tiny Speck explains that it’s getting closer all the time.

It’s been nine months since the devs made the odd decision to “unlaunch” Glitch, taking the fresh game back into beta mode. At the time, we were told that the game simply wasn’t quite what the team had imagined – and as the game’s all about imagination, that was a pretty crucial failing.

[img_big]center,2511,2011-11-30/hug.jpg,Glitch: Self-explanatory, really[/img_big]

So, the world of Glitch has been in re-development ever since, playable by beta testers but otherwise laying fairly low.

Now though, we have some news! Comparing the fledgling game to a baby (it’s taken nine months to get to this point, after all), Tiny Speck has posted a new blog explaining what’s been going on:

..just like you want to make sure that your baby has eyeballs and kidneys and whatnot, we had three massive projects in mind when we started on this grand reworking: (a) switch to a totally new, expandable, decoratable, customizable, cultivatable land & housing system, (b) introduce imagination & upgrades as a new core mechanic and advancement game, and (c) completely rebuild the introduction new players get to the game.

And then we did that! Kidneys and eyeballs! But, you also need legs and a respiratory system and molars and whatever it is that produces boogers … there’s just so much that goes into making a baby.

Those legs and respiratory systems and molars and such took the form of new items, new quests, new skills, new animals, new upgrades, new houses, new tools, new game mechanics, new App features, a completely new UI, a partridge in a pear tree and a better introduction for new players – so it’s no wonder that things have taken a while.

But! There is light on the horizon. We’re told simply: “Glitch is near to the launchable 1.0 version that we should have had the first time ‘round (oops!).”

If you’re into Glitch, or odd, quirky, unique projects, intriguing graphics or stuff to do while doing other stuff, you should keep your eyes peeled. Before the official re-launch of the game, there’s a few other surprises in the pipeline, which should launch “in the next week or two”. And then the full game can’t be too far off, we hope!

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