iG takes out The International 2012 in Dota2

iG (Invictus Gaming) has beaten defending champions Na’Vi (Natus Vincere) to win The 2012 International, Valve‘s global Dota2 championship, taking home the $1,000,000 prize.

Earlier, iG had actually been knocked out of the Upper Bracket by Na’Vi. The Chinese team then beat the teams in the Lower Bracket to make it to the final and take on Na’Vi once again, vying for the top prize and honour of being the 2012 champions.

The International 2012 Champions: iG

iG DotA 2012 – L-R: Ferrari 430, Faith, Zhou, YYF, ChuaN

16 teams started this year’s competition during the week, with group stages to determine the placements. The top four from each group went into the Upper Bracket, while the bottom four went to the loser’s bracket, with only one chance. Teams in the Upper Bracket, if beaten, dropped to Lower Bracket and their tournament life was on the line.

After last year’s tournament the European teams made light work of the competition, with Ukraine’s Na’Vi winning in spectaular fashion. However it wasn’t a smooth run for the 2011 Dota2 Champions this time, coming in third in their group. In group A however, LGD looked strong going into the final rounds with a 14-0 while iG in group B topped their group on 13-1. (Australian team Absolute Legends dropped out in the first round of the loser’s bracket.)

When the teams moved together, it was live or die as games went from a best of 1, to a best of 3 with a best of 5 for the final. iG didn’t need a 5th game taking it out in their fourth match 3-1 and securing their title. Interesting picks and bans from both sides during the final, with a few key heroes that were banned for most of the tournament slipping through.

Congratulations to iG and praises to Valve for running a fantastic tournament for Dota2 and showing what eSports has to offer.

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