PAX goes international, visiting Australia in 2013

Penny Arcade Expo is headed down under, with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins confirming an Australian event for 2013 as part of a Q&A held at this weekend’s PAX Prime in Seattle.

Penny Arcade Expo

Packin’ bags and headin’ to Australia

This will be the first international PAX – the original event started back in 2004 with just one expo held in Seattle. That one’s now known as PAX Prime, because PAX East was started up in Boston in 2010.

While Aussies are celebrating as they wake up this morning, other countries around the world are a little – understandably – miffed. Penny Arcade Expo has been hinting at a British or European expansion for a while now, but Australia was a surprising decision. When questioned about the UK, Krahulik merely stated that “We want to go there,” with no further explanation.

No dates for the Down Under expansion have been revealed just yet, nor locations, but these things will filter through in good time.

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