Far Cry 3 offers a video island survival guide

The Rook Islands are only found on old maps – but luckily, the Far Cry 3 developers know the way. Today’s new video from Ubisoft puts ex-CIA agent Huntley in the narrator role, telling you all about just what you can expect when you set foot on this tropical paradise.

With sharks, tigers and bison making up just a few of the “hundreds of exotic creatures” in Far Cry 3, this is definitely one to check out. If you’re more the adventuring type, take on some hang-gliding… or if you prefer to adventure within, there’s always those magic beans…

After a delay or two Far Cry 3 is headed out within the next couple of months – keep an eye out for it to hit PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 29th if you’re in Australia, or December 4th if you’re in the United States.

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