Rise of the Triad has so much it wants to share

Promising “Great hair, time-lapse video and dudes around a table,” we’ve got a pretty hefty update from the all-new Rise of the Triad. The team is looking forward to PAX this weekend, and to celebrate, we’ve got all sorts of bits and pieces to show off.

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First off, Terry Nagy, chief creative officer at Apogee has a few words to say, directly in response to fans of the game who aren’t so keen about the potential new direction it’s taking:

Some have asked why we chose an unproven team for the reboot of Rise of the Triad. Well, I say if you’re not willing to take risks on the potential of talent, then you will settle for the ordinary. I didn’t want to settle, and after seeing what Interceptor was capable of and their passion for this franchise, I knew we’d made the right choice. I remember when Apogee took a risk on another new team once, the result was id Software.

Need more reassurance? The shiny new developer blog should be first stop on your list. Frederik Schreiber, Game Director and CEO of Interceptor, explains how the game’s levels are being constructed. Fans of the original game, take note: It’s a fine line between updating things for gamers in 2012, but also taking a respectful approach to the ROTT you know and love. (Simple version: The original levels are being revamped with shiny new visuals.)

But that is a lot of reading, and if you’re not a fan, there’s some fun things for you to watch and look at as well. Frederik steps behind the camera to work on a time-lapse level development clip, working on “The Room” (aka Level E2L2).

[img_three]4796,2012-08-29/Extra-2.jpg,2012-08-29/3-After.jpg,2012-08-29/Extra-1.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

But wait – there’s still more. If you weren’t able to make it to QuakeCon, you missed out on a stellar ROTT panel, where Nagy and Schreiber were joined by Interceptor‘s Dave Oshry, Andrew Hulshult and Martin Colith to discuss just about everything to do with the return of Rise of the Triad. Lucky for you, the wonders of the internet and video technology mean that you don’t actually have to leave your house to catch up on the pearls of wisdom! Instead, you can sit back, relax, and load up this hour-long video to see what you missed.

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