New Fruit Ninja Kinect DLC pack goes 8-bit retro

The lads at Halfbrick Studios have been keeping busy, polishing up all sorts of fun things for Fruit Ninja Kinect. The first fruits of their labours are starting to appear, with the brand new 8-Bit Cartridge pack announced for the game, dragging fruit-chopping goodness all the way back into the arcade.

Bits and pieces in the new pack include the pixelated Pixel Love blade, the pixelated Game Man shadow, and the pixelated Super Retro Land background (which also features scanlines). The menus have been given a makeover (makeunder?) and are now also pixelated, and while the soundtrack might not feature pixels as such, it has received a chunky chiptune revamp.

Launching this week – August 31st – for the bargain price of just 160 Microsoft Points (around $2), you’ll be able to snap up the 8-Bit Cartridge pack for Fruit Ninja Kinect and play to your heart’s content.

(Bonus! If you’re at PAX Prime over the weekend, Halfbrick will be giving away free download codes for you to check it out, no money down!)

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