Daniel Kim steps down as Nexon CEO

The North American office of MapleStory publisher Nexon has had a bit of a shakeup, as CEO Daniel Kim announces he’s moving home to Korea to be closer to his family. Daniel has been commuting between the two countries since 2009, and it seems he’s had enough.

Starting September 1st, Nexon SVP of live games, Min Kim, will be stepping up to take on the top job. Daniel will continue to work with Nexon from Korea in a yet to be determined role.


In an interview with All Things D, Min Kim explains that this is all part of a “long-term plan”.

This has been overdue. He’s done a great job and has positioned it well for growth. After three years here, he’ll be back with family and make up for lost time.

When Min Kim joined Nexon in 2003, free-to-play games were considered a “freaky thing going on in Asia”. Min Kim was a driving force behind the company’s development of gift cards, designed to make online payments easier for the non-Asian market, which now sees North America making up 7% of the company’s overall revenue.

While he will not look after the social and mobile game side of things (these areas are based out of Korea), Min Kim’s new role involves overseeing the suite of Nexon free-to-play PC titles, including Combat Arms, Dragon Nest and – of course – MapleStory.

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