Morhaime: BlizzCon 2013 is a definite

Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime has made many convention-going gamers very happy this morning, with the revelation that there will definitely be a BlizzCon in 2013.

The somewhat-annual event took a break for 2012, with Blizzard instead focussing on “games” rather than “conventions”, as well as hosting global eSports event in Asia.

In a new interview, a clean-shaven Morhaime explains that 2012 is a “big year” for Blizzard releases (what with Diablo III and Mists of Pandaria arriving in the same 12 months), but that the team has big plans for 2013.

…the interview itself is also interesting – it’s part of TableTop, an online show where celebrities play boardgames and talk about stuff. Part of Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry YouTube channel, the show itself is hosted by Wil Wheaton.

In this episode (which also features Bill Prady, executive producer and co-creator of The Big Bang Theory), Morhaime plays a quick game of Elder Sign, and then chats about Blizzard history, developing World of Warcraft, playing poker, listening to heavy metal, and his plans for the future. It’s well worth a watch.

At this stage, obviously, we know no details about BlizzCon 2013, other than the fact it is happening. We don’t know if it will return to the show’s traditional home base of Anaheim, California, or if it has officially grown too big for its boots. If that’s the case, we may see a whole bunch of World of Warcraft cosplayers converging on different soil… perhaps Las Vegas?

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