Counter-Strike map appears in new Webzen FPS

Arctic Combat is the new free-to-play multiplayer FPS from Webzen, and it’s only just entered closed beta. However, many gamers are reporting a certain sense of déjà vu about the game, and it’s more than a case of all modern shooters looking the same.

…in this case, reportedly, the game might actually be the same. Despite the “Arctic” part of the name, one map – Sand Storm – is set in a Middle Eastern village, which looks remarkably familiar.

Arctic Combat - Sand Storm map

Look familiar?

Gamers over the weekend were amazed to notice, as they played through Sand Storm, that the map is an almost direct replica of famous map de_dust2, from Counter-Strike.

According to this fan video, a few measurements have been changed, hallway dimensions adjusted and crates have been shifted around a bit, but the rest? While the aesthetic might be forgivable, there are other elements – like signature choke points – that are too close for comfort.

Call it plagiarism, call it an homage, either way, we’re guessing Valve may have a few words to say to Webzen about the whole shebang.

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