Play Psychonauts on PS3, August 28th

Released back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, Psychonauts was the first game from a little studio called Double Fine. Critically acclaimed, and loved by gamers, it has never been easily playable on newer hardware, after the PS3 scrapped backwards compatibility. That is – until now.

On August 28th, Psychonauts is coming to PlayStation 2 Classics, meaning you’ll be able to download the game directly to your PS3 and play to your heart’s content.


As Double Fine Community Manager Chris Remo explains, the wait is over:

Now, nearly seven years after its original release, that time has come. In five days, I mean. So get ready. Prepare yourself. Warm up your console. Recharge your controller. Do some thumb exercises (is that a thing??). Fortify your funnybone. Tune up your heartstrings. Clean off your credit card. Brace yourself for Psychonauts.

The game itself tells the story of Raz, a young psychic cadet who is trying to put a stop to a sinister conspiracy (try saying that three times fast). He’s run away from the circus to join the Psychonauts – a team who share his psychic abilities.

Over the years, Tim Schaefer says Psychonauts has sold more than 400,000 copies – less than he’d hoped they would – but perhaps this re-release will jolt things back into action and that whole Psychonauts 2 thing may become more than a feverdream…

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