Epic: New game wants you to rock the vote

While we may associate the Unreal Engine with big, flashy, shooty games, sometimes the Epic technology is used for very different things – like VOTE!!! The Game. This is a new one from both Epic and developer ChAIR, and while you’d never guess, it’s actually running the same engine that iOS smash Infinity Blade is built on.

…something you may have been able to pick up from the title, VOTE!!! The Game is an election year tie-in, which lets you beat up the United States’ leading presidential candidates: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It has to be seen to be believed.

VOTE!!! The Game also includes features to show who is “leading” the in-game presidential race, as well as a bunch of downloadable items and unlockable stats. If you’d like to smack Mitt Romney around with a rolled-up Declaration of Independence, you’ll have to play for a while.

The game itself is free, with in-game purchases adding up to around US$10.

And before you write this one off as just another potentially-offensive parody, pause for a moment. VOTE!!! The Game actually features in-game links prompting voter registration, with part-proceeds of in-app purchases going to Rock The Vote. If you’re a U.S. citizen and haven’t already enrolled to vote, perhaps this will be enough to nudge you over the edge.

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